Wow, we’re at Day 5 of the Overcoming Limiting Beliefs series already! If you missed the first four you can find them here:

Today let’s look at how you can take action and really get beyond your limiting beliefs.

move beyond self-limiting beliefs

We all know it’s easy to read about, and talk about overcoming your limiting beliefs. It’s something else entirely to take action and really do something about them. And that’s what I want for you…. To be an awesome action-taker who lives your best life doing what makes you happy!

Here are three ways you can take action and step into your full potential.

Action #1 – Identify a self-limiting belief you want to change

As I mentioned in Part 4, you have to identify your issues before you can begin to work on them. So the first action you should take is to choose one limiting belief that you would like to change.

Once you’ve picked the belief you want to work on, grab your journal (a sheet of paper will do if you don’t have a journal) and write down all of the bad things that will happen if you challenge your belief.

For example, if you’re afraid to write that novel you’ve been thinking about, write that down. Then write down all the negative things that will happen if you try to write a book. Maybe your fear is that someone will tell you that you can’t write, or that no one wants to read what you create.

Action #2 – Challenge your fears

Once you have your list of fears, do one thing every day to challenge them and turn your limiting belief into an empowering one.
If you need some inspiration, you can check out the story of Jia Jiang. His fear was being rejected, so to get over it he challenged himself to make one request every day that he was sure would get rejected. You can see the whole list of 100 actions at

Here’s the video of Jia Jiang’s TedX Talk where he explains why he’s doing this:
[s3vpp id=4d4a056a2f5b735cd438323e00607332]

What actions could you take to overcome the fears that hold you back from writing a novel?

  • You could write one paragraph every day.
  • You could join a writer’s group and talk to other authors
  • You could start a blog and write about being a writer (useful if you want to prove to yourself that you can write and people will read it)

These are just a few examples of actions you could take to get you started thinking about it.

It’s important to do this because you’re re-training your mind about the consequences of your choices. The positive actions you take will negate the fear one step at a time. Before you know it, your fear will be on its way out the door and you will have overcome the limiting belief that was holding you back.

Action #3 – Find a buddy you can work with

You’ve heard the song “I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends”? The buddy system works, so if you can, find a friend you trust to help you work on your limiting beliefs and you help them work on theirs.

Each month, you both pick a belief that you’d like to let go of. Have weekly check-in calls to talk about your progress and setbacks. As you journey together, you’ll learn how to tackle your beliefs, improve your life, and grow your business in exciting, new ways.

One thing to remember is that overcoming your limiting beliefs is a process. You don’t have to do it all at once. It takes time to let go of beliefs you’ve held on to for the better part of your life. Be patient and gentle with yourself, take it one step at a time, and stay positive throughout the process.

You’ve got this!

Thanks for being here!

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